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Is the community forums are dead?


Junior Member
I found most of the community forums which were created before 2000 are deadpool now. No engagement, no reply. This is even worse with new community forums.
To be honest, are you really getting any results from community forums?
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  • People are now more active and present on social media, which has made forums and websites get lower rates of interaction and visits.

    Many people visit websites through searches, and many of them do not link to websites or forums once they get the information.

    Social media has affected the sites in general, and only active sites that provide good information on a continuous basis will survive.
    Don't get as many referrals from fourms as we did years ago but they do still play a big part in our conversation rates, I agree with kenzly about 30% of our traffic now comes from social media.
    specialized websties are created now for everything like quora, answers, reddit. You are right forums are dying and only the most popluar websites which have some community attached to it are surviving. I hate social media for ruining such a great thing such as forums which atleast at had some positive things instead of just sharing crass.
    I could not disagree more. You do not get the same level of engagement that you receive from a website forum. Forums never die.
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