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Managed Cloud Hosting on AWS - Amazon Web services by Cloudways

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Cloudways offers hosting on Amazon Web Services platform along with added benefits of a managed host. These are some of the features of Amazon hosting.

Pay as you go model:​

The good and unique thing about cloudways payment model is that you can Pay as you go. You can choose the hourly payment method. Meaning that there are no extra charges, you just pay for the amount of resources you have used. For example, in your hourly plan, if you use Cloudways for the first 15 days of the month and do not wish to continue, you just pay for 15 days and then cancel anytime. You shall not be charged for a complete month.

Free Trial:​

Another unique feature of Cloudways is that it offers a free trial without credit card details. The free trial will last for 3 days. During the free trial you can launch the server from three providers
Digital Ocean
For AWS and Google Cloud option you have to move to a paid plan


As cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service, it uses cloud provided by some of the industry's leading cloud hosting service providers. These include
  • Linode
  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • AWS
  • Google cloud
The first three options are available in the free trial also. Based on the provider selected the pricing model will differ for the platform. The following table illustrates the starting monthly package for the providers mentioned. The package will have 1GB RAM, 25 GB Storage, 1 Core processor and 1 TB bandwidth for the first 3 providers and for AWS: 2GB Ram and bandwidth, 20 GB Storage and processor speed of 2vCPU. Lastly for Google cloud in the starting package you can get 1.7 Gb RAM, 2 GB Bandwidth, 20 GB Storage and 1 vCPU processor

For fast and efficient hosting on AWS check out: https://www.cloudways.com/en/amazon-cloud-hosting.php

Details of other plans include
The starting plans for various provider pages include
  • DO Starts at 10$/mon
  • Linode Starts at 12$/mon
  • Vultr Starts at 11$/mon
  • AWS Starts at 36.51$/mon
  • Google Cloud Starts at 33.18$/mon
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