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[MilesWeb] Powerful Dedicated Servers | Free Server Trial | 24/7 Support

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MilesWeb offers high-performance bare metal dedicated servers for single-tenant. Perfect for websites and applications that require non-virtualized environments!

Below is the list of Dedicated server plans offered by MilesWeb:

RAMStorageBandwidthPrice (Monthly)
E3-1240 V2 3.40GHz(4 cores/8 threads)8GB480GB SSD2TB / 1Gbps$99 Buy Now
E5-2630 2.00GHz(6 cores/12 threads)32GB480GB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$145 Buy Now
E5-2680 2.70GHz(8 cores/16 threads)32GB480GB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$149 Buy Now
2x E5-2630 2.00GHz(12 cores/24 threads)32GB1TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$159 Buy Now
2x E5-2630 2.00GHz(12 cores/24 threads)64GB1TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$179 Buy Now
2x E5-2680 2.70GHz(16 cores/32 threads)32GB1TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$229 Buy Now
E5-2650 1.70GHz(10 cores/20 threads)64GB1TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$229 Buy Now
2x E5-2680 2.70GHz(16 cores/32 threads)64GB1TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$245 Buy Now
2x E5-2650 1.70GHz(20 cores/40 threads)64GB2TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$269 Buy Now
E5-2680 v3 2.5GHz(12 cores/24 threads)128GB2TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$299 Buy Now
2x E5-2650 1.70GHz(20 cores/40 threads)128GB2TB SSD5TB / 1Gbps$319 Buy Now
2x E5-2680 v3 2.5GHz(24 cores/48 threads)256GB2TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$359 Buy Now
E5-2680 v4 2.4GHz(14 cores/28 threads)128GB2TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$389 Buy Now
2x E5-2680 v4 2.4GHz​
(28 cores/56 threads)256GB2TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$429 Buy Now
Gold 6130 2.10GHz(16 cores/32 threads)64GB1TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$445 Buy Now
Gold 6138 2.00GHz​
(20 cores/40 threads)128GB2TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$515 Buy Now
Platinum 8163 2.5GHz​
(24 cores/48 threads)128GB1TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$600 Buy Now
2x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz​
(40 cores/80 threads)256GB2TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$669 Buy Now
Platinum 8163 2.5GHz(24 cores/48 threads)256GB2TB SSD10TB / 1Gbps$685 Buy Now

Premium Addons with Dedicated Hosting Plans:

Server Security Suite: $20.00 Monthly:
Secure your web servers and customers’ websites against all kinds of cyber threats with our multi-layered security tools including Anti-Malware, Web Application Firewall, DoS Detection, Real-time IP Reputation, and Log Analysis.

Netgate Hardware Firewall: $160.00 Annually: Secure your servers for everyday needs. Securely connect. Route traffic. Protect it from snooping, theft, and damage.

VPS Configuration: $65.00 Annually: A powerful web-based VPS Control Panel using which a user can deploy and manage VPS on servers with a single click. Supports KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, LXC, etc.

Load Balancer: $65.00 Annually: A load balancer helps you handle more web traffic and avoid downtime. A load balancer receives traffic from the Internet and then forwards that traffic to your web server. The benefits of using a load balancer are realized once you’ve deployed multiple web servers.

Google Workspace: $72.00 Annually: Upgrade to Google Workspace and get professional Gmail at your domain, plus Google Drive cloud storage, Calendar, Meet, and more for business.

For immediate assistance, visit our website and initiate a live chat or call us on +91930-712-4459, +91800-727-8613.
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