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Facebook and Instagram are down globally


Facebook and Instagram were down in many parts of the world today. Users complained about login issues on both of these platforms. They were logged out of both Facebook and Instagram. Some were unable to refresh their Instagram pages. Many users were also asked to change passwords.
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  • Yes. It's giving everyone "bad password" replies and kicking sessions out. Entire Meta, Facebook, and Instagram platforms. Something with their authorization system. Either their salt hash system is messed up or distributed session management services are down.
    It's not just Facebook. Google authentication is failing as well. Multiple sites that use Google authentication (SSO) are failing.
    It's not just Facebook. It appears that many random websites are having authentication issues. Twitter, OpenAI, etc.

    Netflix, Azure, Epic Games, and Steam are all reporting issues.
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  • The widespread outage of Facebook and Instagram worldwide has left users perplexed and disconnected. With both platforms inaccessible, users are unable to browse feeds, share updates, or connect with friends and family. This unexpected downtime underscores the reliance on social media for communication and highlights the need for alternative means of staying connected during such disruptions.