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Help Vultr's new Terms of Service is horrible


Hi all,

Vultr's new agreement requires us to fork over rights to our apps and software for anything on the Vultr platform. That goes way too far. No other data center company requires this.

Vultr's new TOS gives them full rights to resell your website/app/database contents.

information, text, opinions, messages, comments, audio visual works, motion pictures, photographs, animation, videos, graphics, sounds, music, software, Apps, and any other content or material that You or your end users submit, upload, post, host, store, or otherwise make available (“Make Available”) on or through the Services (collectively, “Your Content,” “Content” or “User Content”).


You hereby grant to Vultr a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide license (including the right to sublicense through multiple tiers) to use, reproduce, process, adapt, publicly perform, publicly display, modify, prepare derivative works, publish, transmit and distribute each of your User Content, or any portion thereof, in any form, medium or distribution method now known or hereafter existing, known or developed, and otherwise use and commercialize the User Content in any way that Vultr deems appropriate, without any further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or to any third parties, for purposes of providing the Services to you.

Though requesting limited permissions for user uploads on a forum or other community site is fairly standard, it is not reasonable for a service provider partner to require full, irrevocable commercial rights to anything hosted on their services. That'd let Vultr take and monetize customer databases, apps, software, etc., which almost every business would likely find objectionable. Vultr needs to restrict their request, as is done elsewhere in the industry.
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  • Vultr's latest Terms of Service are abysmal. They're riddled with convoluted legal jargon and obscure clauses that seem designed to confuse and disadvantage users. The lack of transparency is concerning, and it feels like they're prioritizing their interests over the users'. It's crucial for service providers to maintain clarity and fairness in their terms, but Vultr's latest update falls short of these expectations, leaving customers feeling uneasy and unprotected.