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OVHcloud - Managed Kubernetes

Hello All,

OVHcloud is proud to announce that we have a brand new Managed Kubernetes services available on our Public Cloud Infrastructure which includes autoscaling and LBaaS. For more information please check out our offering here.

Kubernetes® is the industry-standard container orchestrator, used by companies of all sizes. It facilitates the deployment, resiliency and scalability of your applications, even in hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures.

The Managed Kubernetes® solution is powered by OVHcloud's Public Cloud instances. With OVHcloud Load Balancers and integrated additional disks, you can host all types of workloads, with total reversibility.

Kubernetes® autoscaling saves you time and money. In a perfect world, you will always know exactly how much demand you have for your product and services but what happens if you have more demand than expected? Your containers and pods will slow and your customers may have trouble accessing your applications and services. Previously you would have to manually configure a new container or pod for your customers, but now with Kubernetes® autoscaling, you can set thresholds for containers and pods creating new ones when your business needs it the most and scaling back down to save you money when it doesn't.

The solution's internal components are deployed, hosted, monitored and maintained by our teams, and updated for free. This way, you can focus on your business' containers and services, while enjoying all the advantages of the Kubernetes® ecosystem.