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R1soft unreliable MySQL


For a while we have used R1soft. performance is quite well. 

Have also done some restores, this went fine. 
However, some time ago we have to restore a database of + - 3GB. 
Here he climbed out halfway because there would be a table corrupt ... 
So the backup can only be partially reversed. 
When making the backup no error message. 
That's up to now, because I've been able to restore the biggest part. 

But today really very big problems. 
I had to restore a database, this is a Wordpress site. 
Backup and verify have always been successful on the particular server.
Restore also went well said R1soft. However, there are only 6 tables in the database, so he misses a lot of what was 100% certain in the database before. 
Restore attempted, same result. 
Browser viewed in the R1soft SQL browser at the tables, he only shows those 6 tables. 
Sampling for other WP sites shows that sometimes it's even less backpacked. 
This is a very big problem. It seems as if everything is perfectly backed up and in the case of a recovery, it's seriously wrong. 
Sampling on other servers does not seem to occur, but unfortunately, it is not possible to check everything manually. 

R1soft server and client are up to date.

Someone an idea / explanation how this can be? Imagine real calamities and my data just can not be retrieved, that would be really disastrous. 
Have also emailed me the support of my R1soft vendor, hope for a very good statement, otherwise we'll be back with R1soft immediately. Do not worry about it anymore. 

Greetings Jake


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By ourselves, but also by concluding, I notice that satisfaction about R1Soft is deteriorating. The stability and reliability are no longer as before.


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Same here, switched to RSnapshot with MySql dump on servers that then backup RSnapshot with a separate job from the files.
With RSnapshot, we've created reports based on rsnapreport.pl (even google) and slack integration.

We test self-restores to a test server, so far no problems with large db's of webshops (magento).