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My WordPress site has hacked



I have had a couple of Wordpress websites that I made get hacked recently. I was wondering about a couple of things. One, what security plugins or extensions would the community recommend preventing this sort of thing from happening in the future?

Two, Does who I host with have anything to do with the website security, I mean any additional services that protect our hosting account?

Thank goodness I back my sites up regularly, so this has not been that big of a disaster, but it is embarrassing and annoying.

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  • You always have to follow up on the wordpress updates, including for the plugins and components. Unless the host is also managing the sites for you, they really can't be blamed. Every bit helps.
    Two plugins which I want to recommend:

    • Sucuri Security
      • Activity auditing
      • File monitoring
      • Malware scanning (front-end scans for free or server-level scanning in the premium version)
      • Security notifications
      • A web application firewall (WAF) (premium version only)
    • Wordfence Security
      • A WAF that blocks malicious traffic before it attacks your site
      • Malware scanning to check files, plugins, and themes before they’re uploaded
      • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and login limits to prevent brute force attacks
      • Real-time live traffic and analytics monitoring
    These two are great addition to your security.
    +1 to Wordfence Security. I'm using it myself on all my WordPress sites and enable auto-update on all of your Wordpress plugins
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