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Why is managed hosting the ideal solutions for your business?

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Can you explain to me the difference between shared hosting and managed hosting? And, would this service be ideal for a small or large business?
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  • Typically, managed hosting is a worry free solution for small to medium sized business owners who want a website without the hassle of hiring a full time webmaster to keep the site operating 24/7 or who don't have money to maintain on site servers.

    Managed hosting can provide the ideal step up from shared hosting which is often unreliable.
    Managed hosting is more for the less experienced webmaster or business owner who might want all the advantages of a dedicated server but not want the hassle of having to perform updates or maintenance on their own.

    The managed hosting company will upgrade scripts, web apps or open source software, and help implement the upgrades on your behalf allowing you to enjoy the experience of site ownership without the stress of doing these things for yourself.
    Shared Web Hosting plans are generally idyllic for individuals and smaller companies because there are more clients per server, making the plan more cost-effective. Managed hosting plans are various kinds of hosting packages that generally offer 24/7 assistance from the hosting provider's support team. We hope this helps!
    Managed hosting is the ideal solution for your business when-

    When you have not much deep technical know-how
    When you need full support and skilled guidance
    When you not got solid IT department
    When you need 24*7*365 technical assistance
    When the business needs to create a customized and unique infrastructure that perfectly suited in this feature.
    Managed hosting is far less work and requires little expertise. Your hosting company will usually be responsible for server configuration, maintenance, software update, server security, etc.

    If you are well-versed in VPS hosting, have the required server knowlege and the time to manage a server, you can go for a unmanaged VPS. If you are beginner then opt managed VPS, it will cost you a little more but saves a lot of time.
    Managed hosting is essentially procuring dedicated hardware from your hosting service provider on a utility-based model or as a service. Your service provider also maintains and provides support for managing the hardware in their data center. The maintenance and support in a managed hosting arrangement is the icing on the cake simply because you do not have to do it yourself. Your service provider does it on a grand scale as one of its key services and its highly unlikely that your IT deployment will present any challenge(s) that they have not faced and solved before.

    In Managed hosting, the host takes care of of the upkeep of your hosted domain as well as the resources needed to do it.
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  • Managed hosting is specifically for professional and business needs. They dont want to get nifty gifty of the hosting structures. They only want to focus running their business. Because of business matters, you need enterprise hardware, premium bandwidth, scalable resources, load balanced system, high availability system, and etc. Reliability doesn't come cheap.
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