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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

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Offering a money back guarantee would be a good way to encourage anyone hesitant about trusting your hosting to at least sign up to give it a try. Have you tried this idea?
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  • You might take this idea one step further by offering a 14 day risk free trial, available when they secure with a credit card. The hosting would continue after the trial, unless cancelled. As for what type of guarantee you could offer, that depends on how sure you are that you are able to deliver all the features/uptime promised. Also, keep in mind that some people will try out your service and cancel no matter how good you are.
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You get a few people that will use you. But, its a good tool to get people to try your services with less risk.
    All our Shared and Reseller plans become with 14 Days Money back guarantee. VPS, Dedicated and Domain names are non-refundable products by the most hosting companies.
    We do a 30 day money back guarantee, but we make sure we protect ourselves so if the user violates the TOS (such as spamming/botnets, etc) they are not eligible for money back.
    Yes, we offer 45 days money back guarantee for shared hosting, and 14 days for VPS. 
    It is a good way to gain the trust of your clients. 
    Keep in mind that it is very important to explain the Refund / Money Back Guarantee Policy in details, so the clients could clearly understand when refund / money back can be applied.
    We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on Shared and Ecommerce hosting and a 30 day money back guarantee on Managed VPS and Managed Cloud plans to all new customers. I agree that you should make sure your terms are very clear on your website so that these terms are not abused by your customers.
    It all depends on your type of customers.
    a 7 day trial is enough to convince some of your reliability while some need up to 14 days. Some are just too skeptical to seal the deal with you till a month have elapsed and they have run all the possible test they could on your server before parting with their money. 

    The idea is to know which type of customers you are catering for and what services you are rendering. 
    Are they for professionals or amateur and professionals alike? 
    High income earners or low to mid income earners.... 
    Customer demographics etc..
    We do give a money back guarantee because it allows the customers to first give the service a try. If you provide good reliable services then customers should stick with you.
    Yes, we offer a 60 risk free trial on our Apache and Litespeed cloud web services. I think you really need some type of plan where prospects can test your services.
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  • Yes we definitely offer 30 days money back guarantee, maybe in future we will increase it to 45 days, when company offers reliable services there is nothing to be afraid of.
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