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Yoast SEO vs Rank Math, Which SEO plugin is better for Elementor?



One problem any SEO plugin has with layout builders is that they are often not integrated. This is because SEO plugins usually integrate with the WordPress editor. Still, they had not realized until recently that the user who uses layout designers practically does not use the WordPress editor except to press the button to open their layout.

The battle of SEO plugins by Elementor users

For this reason, all that boasts of features of SEO plugins to analyze content in the WordPress editor were wholly hidden from the user of layout designers.

Of course, this affected users of Elementor, the most popular free version builder.

The Elementor user does not see the SEO plugin tools. He presses the edit button with Elementor, and if I have seen you, I do not remember.

Rank Math and Elementor

In this, the finest has been Rank Math, which recently incorporated the integration with Elementor, adding an SEO tab in the Elementor tool sidebar, allowing the users of the layout designer to analyze the SEO of their content quickly from the interface they know and use.

Based on this clever move, Yoast SEO stayed out of the SEO plugin battle for applying to Elementor users, which number in the millions, a not inconsiderable implantation fee candy, until now.

Yoast SEO 15.4 integrates into Elementor.

Fortunately, it was not long before Yoast realized that it was a mistake not to integrate with Elementor since that meant losing a reach of several million users that, until now, Rank Math was capturing, as it was the only SEO plugin that was integrated into perfection with the layout designer.

So, in version 15.4, they incorporated this integration to show all their tools in the layout interface in the Elementor sidebar, which is what their users see and use.
  1. From now on, when you open the Elementor mockup, you will see a notice of where to access the Yoast SEO analysis.
  2. Next, you have to click on the new settings button.
  3. Yes, now it will show you the Yoast SEO content analysis tools.

Which one is better?

In my opinion and experience, Yoast SEO continues to be the best SEO plugin for WordPress due to the capacity, tools, and fidelity of its features.

Rank Math has created a little monster, offering free features paid in the rest of the plugins. It does not work as fine as Yoast, and it has ruined the SEO of many client websites, so it still does not have my trust.

To date, the best SEO toolkit for any WordPress website is the combination of Yoast SEO (free) + Redirection.

Now, I think they have not achieved the perfect integration with Elementor because unlike Rank Math, which always shows an SEO tab, to take advantage of Yoast SEO tools with the Elementor layout, you have to do two specific clicks, nothing obvious, which will not help its implementation since the Elementor user wants everything at hand, which is what they are used to.

This will cost Yoast not to reach that massive quota of users who use Elementor, for which the SEO plugin that best integrates with "their" layout is still Rank Math. It will be the one that circulates in the recommendations for its usability success when integrating with the layout designer.

If Yoast wants to demonstrate that it is still a better plugin than Rank Math, it should change its integration interface with Elementor and opt for the Rank Math solution, which is much more intuitive.

Another opportunity, which both SEO plugins have not yet covered, is to integrate with Divi, "the builder," which has always been GPL and has a long integration life with WordPress. I hope you realize it and take advantage of this opportunity.