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IPv4 Pricing Update


Hilco Streambank has published a set of IPv4 pricing data which shows a section of the IPv4 market. While the IPv4 market is opaque, various disclosures have given us a peek into the market. From the $11.25 Microsoft paid in 2011, various data sources have shown the price of an IPv4 address creeping up toward $20.

Hilco’s data supports the rise and also starts to show a flattening of the market prices around $20. There are many factors which are affecting IPv4 address pricing, and this is just Hilco’s view, but it does provide buyers and sellers some insight into the market for IPv4 addresses. The data includes transaction prices for single and multiple blocks of addresses in North America and Europe from January 2016 through March 2019. The dataset also provides an indication of whether each transaction was public or private.

The data shows that there has been a general upward trend in prices over the past three years, with some volatility along the way. In North America, we see that prices have increased from around $10 per addresses in early 2016 to nearly $20 by the end of 2018.
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