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What is the scariest thing about shared hosting?


I host some of my client's sites on a shared hosting package and sometimes the fact that I can end up losing everything gives me goosebumps. Are shared hosting secure?
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  • When possible you may want to look into a backup solution. There many companies out there that can help you with a proper solution that is tailored to your needs.
    Shared hosting can be secure if the proper techniques and security measures are used. Always keep the backup on offsite server, it is not expensive.
    Shared hosting is a potential security risk. Since multiple websites are hosted on the same server, if one website is compromised, there is a possibility that other websites on the same server can also be affected. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information, data breaches, and other security issues that can harm your website or your business.
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  • The most scariest thing on hosting is security. Inexpensive hosting does not provide security and there is a chance of data leakage. But the expensive ones provide the best services