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Which tool is best to check competitor prices?



I have a range of around 2,000 SKUs on the website and need an easy and ideally cheap way to check them against about 4-5 competitors. We would generally have matched GTINs, so this is a relatively simple process for someone who knows how to do it! I don’t need fancy features, just a list of SKUs, competitors, and prices. Does anyone know anything good?

Everything out there seems to cost $300 monthly upwards, which is very steep for such simple tech.
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  • Depending on how many sites you’d like to check, you might be able to have someone build a custom script for each that runs on your computer. For less than your annual spend of $3600. Though now monitoring, quality control, script repair, and proxy costs are on you.
    Assuming an 80/20 rule, how many of these 2000 SKUs are selling?

    How many are variations of the others? (color/size/etc.)
    They're all selling (or in stock and should be!). Some are color variants, but prices vary depending on color, so that doesn't simplify things.
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