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The World Host Group acquired Webhostpython

Hi all,

I use Webhostpython for several sites, which has been suitable for many years. I got an email recently saying the owner is stepping away from the company and sold it to World Host Group. I can’t find out much about them. Hoping it’s not a Newfold Digital situation where they’re going to make it suck.

Does anybody have experience with any of World Host Group’s subsidiaries?
The company that bought them out owns Stablepoint and Verpex, which I have heard good things about. They’ve established hosting companies quickly, so they will probably revamp the website and market it better, resulting in more growth. Still, I hope the quality of service and support remains the same, as they’ve done a great job with Webhostpython thus far.
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  • The email sent out by James was very positive about who he was willing to sell to. But you know that could also be professional courtesy to the new owners. It’s good to hear they have good reputations, and hopefully, they’ll let WHP continue to be great.