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restore mail from hepsia panel to cpanel


Hello everyone,

I need your help to restore the mails that were in a server, we currently have the mail folder where all the mail accounts are, it is downloaded by ftp. on this server hepsia was used as a control panel and we currently have a cpanel on the new server. 
I would like to know how to be able to have the mails from the other server in the new one 

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  • create the accounts and if the message files are compatible you upload them to the inbox of current account, you can also ask technical support of the new provider if they do the migration by giving them the mail folder you have.
    how can I tell if the files are compatible? support indicated that it can not because they are different control panels.
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  • the easiest is to test with one account.

    create the account in cPanel so that the corresponding folders are created in the directory tree ... then enter the FTP -> mail -> {domain} -> account-> cur and there you put the message files ... then check from webmail to see if they appear