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query about blank attribute in html


Hello friends, 

I would like to make a small query. 

In a blog I have the different social networks with <a href="XXXXXXXXXXXX" rel="nofollow"> I recently changed it, then add the attribute target = "_ blank", so it looks like this: 

<a href = "XXXXXXXXXXXX" rel = "nofollow" target = "_ blank"> etc ... 

Surfing the net, I read that this attribute has a vulnerability but do not understand much of the subject, is anyone knows anything about this and can guide me ? 

Thank you very much, 
[font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif]Littleton[/font]
Hello @"littleton"

This is a tabnabbing vulnerability that can be exploited by unscrupulous people.

Although it is an HTML attribute you will notice that any validation process under W3C does not support it. Although some websites use it also presents a great barrier of web accessibility
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