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hosting with the ability to send a large number of emails


At the moment I'm hosting on shared server, I have a blog, I occasionally do newsletters, I need to send out thousands of email, in this respect, the restrictions are acceptable (about 800 emails per hour). 

I was looking for another hosting, but everywhere the limit on emails. please advise better hosting with not very stringent restrictions on the number of emails.
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  • on shared hosting servers, there are usually restrictions on sending emails per hour. this limit for each company is different, but usually it is 300 or 500 emails from one account per hour. If this limit is exceeded, access to the mail for you is blocked.

    the best option for you will be buying an vps server.
    Even on VPS there is a restriction, no one will send hundreds of emails every day, because this can blacklist your ip address. If you do not send spam mails then you can use mailchimp this is the best solution for you.
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