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mysql remote connection is very slow



I have a VPS Server with WHM for administration, 
a user to whom I gave a hosting account, I connect their own desktop system in windows, with a mysql database created in our vps server, the remote connection is satisfactory, but It is very slow. What do you recommend to improve the speed of this connection or what other solution alternatives recommend me to implement. 

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  • Hello,

    I am a developer and whenever I am consulted I recommend not using a remote connection via internet to a database from a desktop application, in any case it is more optimal to use web services, the direct connection is through sockets and the base data is needed to be very stable, the remote being latency is not very good and makes the database client has microcuts with reconnection processes that makes everything very slow.
    From which location to which location are you connecting? This may not be related to the server but to the network speeds between those two services.
    In this case, you should check your internet connection speed. And if it is possible, try to download or export your database, then do all your operations, then update it online. Or work on the database on the web server online. But if you are sure, you have a good internet speed, and that you are not working in a period when the server his highly solicited, then you can proceed.
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  • Not sure how much RAM do you have on the server, as the server resources including ram, storage, bandwidth, are the important factors that affect load website load speed and various connection speed. So, make sure you have sufficient server resources for the tasks you're performing. Also, a client control panel, for example, VPSrobots, would be a better choice for the small-sized servers, as the web-based WHM you installed on your server actually consumes around 1-1.5G RAM on your server.