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Amazon Web Services root directory redirect


Hello users, 

I have a question about a subject in amazon from which I could not get anything in the documentation. I installed a lamp server, with its database in an Amazon instance that I associated with an Elastic IP. Then through Amazon Route 53 I was able to assign a domain to that instance. I used Route 53 because I have the domain on another server. My question is if I can assign that domain to a specific directory. For example, my current root directory in the instance is / var / www / html, but I have a directory that is var / www / html / webpage. i want that domain to point to the second directory. It's possible? 

Thank you
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  • It depends on the web server software, if it is apache you should at least be able to edit your .htaccess to set the root directory, in the case that nginx should give you access to a nginx.conf for your account
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  • Hello @"geniushost"

    your answer made me remember something, in fact I am using apache, my option was to create a vhost file that did not exist and create the directives, it worked perfectly.

    Thank you.