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Ruby on Rails maybe removed in cpanel new version ?


i hear that Ruby on Rails is suppose to be separated from cpanel and may not be available in the new version release of cpanel.

what will be the next option to use Ruby on Rails in cpanel if that happned ? and what will happens to cpanel account holder using Ruby on Rails it it removed in cpanel new release?
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  • Follow the below steps to delete ruby on rails application in Cpanel.

    Step 1: Login to your Cpanel.

    Step 2: On the home page, click the Ruby on Rails icon under the menu Software/Services.

    Step 3: In the new page, under the menu, Available Ruby on Rails Application view the list of your ruby on rails applications.

    Step 4: Now click the Delete icon of the particular ruby on rails application which you want to remove.

    Step 5: Then the ruby on rails application will be removed from the Cpanel.