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Performance issue and hosting at Magento


On the Internet a lot of recommendations on the requirements for hosting Magento. They're all clear. Personally, I am now trying to pick up hosting, and already tried several tariff options with one of hosts, moving up from the lower, has already reached the last payment VPS, one shop all brakes. After another tariff - and will have a dedicated server. Want to learn in practice, if you have a store on Magento, what specifically you hosting and what kind of rate. Importantly, all the same, how it all turns out in practice real stores. It's more useful than from abstract recommendations. Do you have a running store in Magento? 1. Magento hosting for your (company name host) . 2. The rate that you use on this hosting (hosting in many tariffs, each has its own parameters, what's your store) ? 3. What and how did you do to speed up (hosting settings, databases, php ...) ? 4. How are you with the performance (you are satisfied, or not running fast, I would like better ...) ?