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Looking for fastest WordPress hosting provider

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I'm looking for a fastest WordPress hosting provider. I want to host one wordpress website & i need arround 20gb ssd space with listespeed webserver & LSCache. I'll prefer US location if possible.

Does anyone have any recommendations with less limitations and the fastest load times? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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  • I see a few providers that meet your requirements in the offer section. Have you visit in offer section & try to contact with the providers?
    You obviously want to engage the services of the best WordPress hosting provider for your website. You already know that not all hosting companies are the same and there are lots to choose from, it is only safe to be careful and selective when choosing the best WordPress hosting provider that meets your present requirements now and in the future as your business grows.

    Consequently, hosting a WordPress site needs more than what static page sites requires. Here are things to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

    Disk space and Bandwidth
    WordPress comes with its already designed template, of which takes a sizable amount of space in a web server. More importantly, the system has to be fed with content in form of text, images, videos and sometimes audio depending on the kind of site the owner is putting up.

    Server platform

    WordPress is backed up by a MYSQL database, style sheets and numerous PHP scripts. Therefore, for a WordPress-based blog or site to work, the server needs to at least support MYSQL databases and PHP.

    24 / 7 customer support

    You also need to ensure that the hosting company is offering a customer support all times. This is to help you in case you land in trouble during installation, maintenance or upgrading of your WordPress site.

    Server Uptime
    Another aspect which is quite important when it comes to choosing a good WordPress hosting plan is server uptime. Server uptime is a way of showing how effective the server is in terms of speed and availability.
    It may seem a bit irresistible to search and compare different webhosting packages - the hosting market is so competitive.
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  • Which is the greatest hosting provider for your WordPress blog? With so countless firms and packages how do you select which is the finest for your website or blog?

    Currently there are a lot of hosting businesses which you can pick to host your WordPress blog. Not all are the same on the other hand. Most will deliver an equitable level of service, with decent uptime and features. But when your blog traffic increases will your hosting package have sufficient bandwidth? As your website pages increase will you have adequate disk space?

    There are numerous hosting firms that offer fastest hosting services with top packages. Each of these is perfect for running a WordPress blog. They all offer great uptime and support and enough bandwidth and disk space for your blog to grow without you having to go through the painful task of moving hosting company.

    Having a accomplished and fastest wordpress hosting service on a very huge traffic site will certainly show some performance enhancements. But if your daily visitors are in the thousands, then you will notice only a marginal difference. Be sure to do a cost-benefit analysis and take a trial account before you actually put your money into it.
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