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which billing software to use ?


i only know WHMCS software which is used for billing. If there are any other billing software which is better that this please let me know. it would helpful for me to choose.
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  • I would say WHMCS has the most users out there and a lot of people like it. We are using Blesta and it's good overall but it still lacks a lot of needed features. I would suggest getting a trial license for a couple of different programs to see which works better for your business.
    I've used WHMCS for a long time, support is quick and the updates are constant. You can ask for a development key or use a trial if you're curious about how it works for you.
    Has anyone tried using the WHMCS importer to move data from Blesta over? Blesta is heavily lacking with domains and the customer UI that we are likely going to make a change.
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  • Actually, for the cost perspective, hostbill is cheaper than whmcs. If you use WHMCS, you need additional module and cost which created by third party vendors. Third party vendor has probability to shut down and you will not get support anymore from them. If you use Hostbill, the module is created by them, not any vendors. But it's all depend on your situation and needs.