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What is the difference between CloudLinux vs. Cloud Hosting?

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I'm flummoxed about these two terms. I know they are different, but can someone please elaborate on the two? People may be fooled looking for cloud hosting, and the provider may be giving cloud Linux hosting.
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  • It appears you have pointed the following types,

    Cloud Hosting - > Hosting the accounts/application in servers running on cloud based platforms like AWS,Azure,DigitalOcean etc.
    The server type should be virtualized , running on any Hypervisor with lots of advanced feature to customize the server infrastructure and features to provide reliability,salability and stability.

    CloudLinux -> Is a bit different concept, a highly secured Linux kernel (CloudLinux kernel - owned by third party vendor )will be implemented to the a Linux Operating System on normal server, which claims high security against potectial kernel vulnerabilities.
    Cloud Hosting is a hosting type in which clients get the cloud environment to host a website.

    CloudLinux is a Linux based operating system, and it is specially designed for shared hosting providers. It isolates every customer into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE). LVE is a kernel-level technology that isolates individual tenant into their environment and provides them with the number of resources (CPU, IO, memory, processes, etc.) CloudLinux OS also protects tenants from one another to avoid security breaches.
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  • CloudLinux is an operating system particularly intended for shared hosting providers. It has functions that advance information safety, constancy, and density by sorting out all the operators using shared hosting resources into the lightweight virtualized environment (LVE). CloudLinux is a Linux distribution marketed to shared hosting providers. It is established by software company CloudLinux, Inc. It is grounded on the CentOS operating system; it uses the OpenVZ kernel and the rpm package manager.

    Cloud hosting is a suitable decent web hosting plan; it is reasonably new not numerous web hosting businesses have paid the necessary attention and only limited of those who do approach it with the correct resources. The sources that are identified to deal efficient services approach it with the necessary materials. For the cloud hosting to work impeccably the correct quality servers have to be arranged. To accomplish the gain and make the finest use of the cloud hosting high class hardware that make use of VMware resources are the greatest material. Numerous poor providers could find it problematic to deliver the requisite hardware that will certify effective operations.

    Cloud hosting servers can be shared, dedicated or virtual private servers that offer an excessive deal of performance to the web masters' business sites, as per their requirement.
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