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cPanel temporary url not working



I recently bought a new VPS from Godaddy. I got 404 errors when I try to access a name-based account via the IP. I've tried everything I can think. Please help me to fix it.

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  • If you get the above error it is most likely that mod_userdir protection is enabled for the user nobody (DefaultHost) and it should be disabled.

    To disable mod_userdir follow the steps below :
    • Login to WHM & click on “Security Center”
    • Navigate to Apache mod_userdir Tweak and make sure DefaultHost (nobody) is checked under the excluded box
    • Click Save at the bottom and try again.
    If you wish to allow access to temporary URL’S for specific users than you put the desired users in the ‘additional users‘ section for ‘DefaultHost (nobody)’ under ‘Apache mod_userdir Tweak’ in WHM.
    Login to your WHM as root & access option Security Center >> Apache mod_userdir Tweak. Uncheck for DefaultHost (nobody) & click on save. Try accessing the temporary URL now. If you are hosted on a shared server, contact your web hosting provider.
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  • IF you are using it for selling hosting avoid mod_userdir as it can lead to abuse and other issues, like if somebody buys an account with you and hosts a phishing site, he can spam your main server hostname/~username and in this way your domain will get blacklisted