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cpanel overwrites changes at every update


Junior Member

I have a case, I made changes manually, in the configuration on a VPS server, but then the update of cpanel eliminates them. 
How can I prevent these changes from being lost. 

In a forum I read that you should use templates, but did not specify any more. 
Someone could explain to me how this technique works. 

Thanks in advance
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  • How do you edit those files? If you use the publishers in WHM you will not have any problems. If you edit the files "manually" it is normal for you to do that.
    What can not be added from WHM? I think there's nothing you've said that can not be modified from WHM with the advanced editors (not the basics). If you change them manually it is normal for the changes to be lost.
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  • The php.ini is fully editable through WHM in the latest versions. For Apache you can also do almost anything.