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I wants to promote new website?

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Hello Friends
please help me.
I want to promote a new website in search engines, but I don't know about, how to promote new website.
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  • What kind of website do you want to promote? Is it a business website or a blog?
    one suggestion for you to promote new website to search engine, You need to make sure your website url is seo friendly, and talk about what is the content all about.
    I would like to suggest these steps to rank your website:
    1) Submit your site to Search Engines(like google, bing, yahoo, etc)
    2) List your website in various directories( like yellow pages, craigslist)
    3) Generate Backlinks
    4) Blog posting(On page and Off page)
    5) Advertisement
    6) Active participation in forums
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  • Go on Web Host forums and facebook or google ads. Depends if you're looking to spend money on advertising your website or you want the free option
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