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How to promote your video channel with youtube seo


Hello Guys,

I open this topic here to enter some forms or types that will help promote the Youtube channel . Welcome all Youtubers to enter your opinion, experience or topic topic, so we will discuss it.

I will begin by arguing that Youtube SEO as such does not actually exist. Namely, it is not possible to specifically influence the popularity of the YT channel or the so called video. Off page method, while On page optimization is not only possible but necessary , although YT and Google have allegedly been able to " watch " the video itself. Consequently, YT will penalize any spamming with false or non-existent tags or keywords in the description, especially the title. That's all you know,

Links to another channel or video can be put to the end of the video ( End screen ) or to the edge of the video ( Cards ), of course, even in the description area itself. But what I want to emphasize last but not least is important; It is important to record , it is important to record good videos . Good videos, especially if there is more, will find themselves in the (Youtube) SEO jungle. " Good video " implies with the innocence (initially only in the attempt, clear) on the technical side, titles and logos talk about channel professionality, up to video optimization, at least in the title.

So what's about you?
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  • Create blog content that’s relevant to your videos and embed those into your posts. You also might try including a transcription of the content to help with search.
    Here are some basic steps:

    1) Leave comments on different videos

    2) Like and follow unpopular channels to attract their attention

    3) Try ads exchange with other channels
    Hello! Should I pay attention to the duration of the video? I want to promote the channel of my musical group. And what is better to publish in the caption to the video?
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  • Reddit is a great way to drive traffic to youtube videos. You may also share your video in facebook groups and increase your videos view count.