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How to allow overselling to reseller users?


Hi all,

I'm selling a Reseller plan with disk space 100 GB for example & I would like to allow the reseller to sell hosting plans to his customers with any disk space he wishes (50 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, Unlimited, etc..) But the most important rule is the total disk space usages for all of his customers should not exceed his Reseller plan of 100 GB.

I found that the reseller could create a package with disk space (eg. 500gb) greater than his Reseller plan (100GB) and his user could use this package and use the (500gb) disk space.

Please advise how can I solve this?
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  • Have you checked the user, utilizing that disk space? The user should not actually be able to utilize more than the reseller's allotted disk space.
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  • You can disable the overselling feature inside the reseller center

    1) Login to WHM.

    2) Navigate to Home >> Resellers.

    Click on the icon ‘Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges’ > Select the option ‘Limit accounts that can create by Resource Usage’.