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Small reseller hosting account for ten websites

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for the following features in my new reseller hosting plan:
  • I want to host 10 CPanel accounts (each with a small Wordpress site without heavy traffic).
  • The provider with servers in the United States/Canada.
  • The provider with an excellent reputation in the stability of their servers and support offered.
My budget is $15/ month.

I appreciate your recommendations.
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  • Your budget for 10 accounts is really good and you can find many providers. Please take a look at the reseller hosting offer section.
    You can find various reseller provider with such budget. Check Offer section and then check their company age, response time, etc.
    There are lot of quality reseller service providers. I would suggest you to go throug their reviews and focus on quality of service and support which will give you the best experience.
    Best is to start with a basic plan by ResellerClub..I think it fits well within your budget. They have based servers in the US/Canada region and I have several clients there for whom I hosted sites via ResellerClub. You might want to try that brand.
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