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How to redirect traffic from one domain to another?

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I have a website, ending with .co.uk which is now up and running. I also own the same domain, ending with .com, and want any traffic that goes here to be redirected to the .co.uk site. What are the steps involved?

Do I have to buy a hosting package with the .com too?

Any help would be appreciated
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  • Does your current hosting company allow you to add multiple domains. If so there should be a feature in the control panel to do domain redirection. Check that and let us know.
    Like JustChatNe007 said, contact your hosting provider and they will tell you how to do that, but if your website is hosted on Cpanel you can search on google "Cpanel redirect domain to another domain" and you will find a lot of tutorials how to do that.
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  • In cpanel at domain section you will find a redirected option … from there you can set a redirected for your domain
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