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WHM/cPanel two-factor authentication configuration



WHM/cPanel recommends enabling the "Two-Factor Authentication" tool in WHM/cPanel or can generate access problems?. If I enable two-factor authentication, in "Issuer" I need to put a different hostname in each server or I need to put the same info on all servers? because I have various servers.

Thanks in advance
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  • The Issuer setting determines the name that appears in the authentication app when a user accesses the security code. If you do not enter a name for the Issuer setting, it defaults to the hostname.
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  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in WHM/cPanel is generally a good security practice and is recommended to enhance the security of your server and protect against unauthorized access. Regarding the "Issuer" value and its usage across multiple servers use different hostname for each server. If you have various servers with different hostnames, you can set a different "Issuer" value for each server. This can help users differentiate between the accounts on different servers when setting up their 2FA authentication. Same "Issuer" for all servers. Alternatively, you can use the same "Issuer" value for all your servers. This approach can simplify the setup process for users who have accounts on multiple servers. The authenticator app will group accounts with the same "Issuer" under the same label, making it easier for users to manage multiple accounts.

    Hope this will help you