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WHMCS 8.0.3 Now Available


NHT Manager

WHMCS 8.0.3 containing usability and bug fix improvements update for v8.

Version 8.0.3 Release 1 (Maintenance) Changelog:
  • CORE-14944 - Ensure consistent formatting of servers table for active and disabled servers
  • CORE-15250 - Ensure Accept Order button is active when status is set to Pending
  • CORE-15301 - Correct client replies count on Support Overview
  • CORE-15334 - Update whois server for .as TLD
  • CORE-15355 - Ensure CC recipient status is shown on the client ticket page
  • Also known as: CORE-15527
  • CORE-15357 - Invoice ID shown in title when view invoice URL without being authenticated
  • CORE-15432 - Display client search result by ID in Invoice client search dropdown
  • CORE-15459 - Ensure contact us form reply-to does not contain system email
  • CORE-15469 - Correct WHOIS entry for .ec TLDs
  • CORE-15478 - Text is cut off and not displayed in System Information sidebar section
  • CORE-15485 - Ensure Contact results link to the contact's profile
  • CORE-15486 - Improve display of labeling for recurring field of client's service page
  • Also known as: CORE-15510
  • CORE-15492 - Ensure client profile email can be updated
  • CORE-15502 - Improve resilience of domain SSL status sync
  • CORE-15503 - Prevent error on optional paymentmethod for CreateInvoice API
  • CORE-15504 - Prevent error on client authenticated reply for guest requestor ticket
  • CORE-15505 - Correct activity log entry for saving client profile
  • CORE-15506 - Correct displayed count of Security Questions usage
  • CORE-15511 - Correct displayed currency of total due amount when authenticated and creating a new account in cart
  • CORE-15513 - Correct relative path for results of the Intelligent Search
  • Also known as: CORE-15525
  • CORE-15516 - Improve logging of POP mail connection errors
  • CORE-15518 - Correct display of price for multiple one-time quantities with apply-once promotional code
  • CORE-15522 - Correct display of prorata date on invoice
  • CORE-15524 - Allow User creation relative to new Client when name is optionally excluded
  • CORE-15530 - Ensure new Client email is unique on new order
  • CORE-15533 - Improve message and linking in Password Reset activity log entries
  • CORE-15538 - Correct tax for multiple quantity order
  • CORE-15540 - Correct registrar TLD sync for of IDN TLDs
  • CORE-15541 - Correct off by one error on activity log prune
  • CORE-15544 - Ensure changing currency redirects to currently selected product group
  • CORE-15549 - Prevent duplicate owner recipients on owner created tickets
  • CORE-15554 - Ensure existing domains can be used when ordering
  • CORE-15559 - Improve display of labeling for recurring field of client's domain page
  • CORE-15560 - Correct contact editing from client area
  • CORE-15561 - Ensure product related merge fields are visible for Email Campaigns
  • CORE-15563 - Ensure SiteLock VPN landing page title is correct
  • CORE-15576 - Ensure config options upgrade updates the recurring amount
  • CORE-15577 - Correct language string for Email Campaigns
  • CORE-15578 - Do not display linked accounts when 2FA setup is pending
  • CORE-15579 - Correct FTP path for Weebly product configuration wtih DirectAdmin
  • Also known as: ADDON-6128
  • CORE-15562 - Always use selected currency on domain availability checks

  • MODULE-7471 - Prevent email failure from affecting invoice status
  • MODULE-7500 - Improve duplicate subscriptions detection for PayPal Checkout
  • MODULE-7516 - Improve error message rendering in Admin Area with Stripe
  • MODULE-7521 - Correct logging of invalid Stripe based callback signature
  • MODULE-7523 - Correct method of argument handling within DomainStatusSync

Project Management Addon
  • PMA-177 - Ensure Associate Invoice returns relevant search results
  • CORE-15401 - Update Hungarian translations
  • CORE-15489 - Update Norwegian translations

Getting the Update

Automatic Update

You can update to the latest version of WHMCS using the Automatic Updater. Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the update process.
Important Note: WHMCS 8.0 and above requires PHP 7.2 or later. You must be running PHP 7.2 or later in order for the Automatic Updater to show WHMCS 8.0 as available to install.
As always, a download is also being made available for those who wish to install or upgrade manually.