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Looking for a plugin to show the number of customers currently viewing



I see a few eCommerce websites that have one of those pop-ups that say "63 people are currently viewing this product" or "XYZ just purchased!"? Is it genuine visitors/buyers or they are fake & set up in the plugin.

Does anyone know the name of the plugin?

Thank you
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  • This function includes some woocommerce themes & there are specific plugins also but I'm not sure whether it would show actual buyers or not. it's a great feature, I think it would scare away users than convert them into a customer.
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  • I think this is a part of marketing techniques known as social proof. These pop-ups are typically not real-time, individual user data but rather generated by a plugin or script to create a sense of urgency and trust among potential buyers.

    I know a couple of them. Hope this helps you.
    Sales Pop

    P.S., As a website owner, it's essential to use such features responsibly and ensure they accurately represent your products and visitors' actions on your site. Misleading or false notifications can damage your credibility and trust with customers.