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Doubts Cloud Infrastructure


Hi, Maybe a little more of the same with the same questions that others have done but wanted to clarify my doubt, for some years run my hosting company has gone well so far, but I am determined to bring the quality and server technology we offer to another level. until now I have realized that there is a difference between cloud and cluster servers because the cluster function as load balancers that distribute on different servers roles and use the servers less overloaded in the cloud is the union of several servers and then the same is vitualizado unlike the cluster allowed to use the resources of the CPU and RAM servers in the virtualized environment. My approach is to use 3 dedicated servers to create a cloud server,

My doubts:
  • Does this type of cloud servers is only reserved for big business? (Either because the union of the servers is done by hardware or software high price)
  • What characteristics should meet these servers? (If possible which is possible)
  • If possible using software find What is available? (So ​​far I was alone and I'm not sure OnApp to fulfill that function)

Thanks for your time,
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  • In software, you have other than OnApp, OpenStack and CloudStack, among others
    Cloud are not only interconnected servers across the network or networks that often require multiple must be designed to cloud the vital part and where I have seen many companies fail is in storage, it is critical to have fast and reliable storage system and that is well connected to hypervisors, forget 1GbE networks for this. For hosting providers, the best option is probably OnApp because it comes ready, in fact they installed by you on your hardware With OnApp you are going to require more than 3 servers, requires a control panel, server backup and at least two nodes, but in práctiva must leave at least one node unused, this will be the node that is automatically activated in case of failure, OnApp recommended to have a standby node for every 5-10 physical nodes Cloud is not cheap, requires good hardware and software investment (OnApp starts at $ 500 / month)