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How do I block a WordPress blog comment spam?


Hi all,

I get daily spam comments on my blog. They have different email accounts & usernames each time. Is there a way to block a specific username or IP address from submitting comments on my blog at all? I have comments set so they must be approved before they get posted, but would be easier if I could just stop them at their source.

Thank you in advance

You can use WordPress inbuilt spam protection in the Settings > Discussion page and scroll down to the ‘Comment Blacklist’ text box and add the IP address to that field. One IP address per line.

If you start getting spam comments again from different IP addresses and don’t want to add IP addresses manually then you could install the free Antispam Bee plugin.
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  • There are a few ways to block WordPress blog comment spam. One way is to use a plugin like Akismet, which is a spam filtering plugin that comes pre-installed with WordPress. Another way is to use the .htaccess file on your website to block certain comments. This file can be used to block comments that contain specific words or phrases, or comments from certain IP addresses.
    I block spam comments in WordPress using Akismet and Google Recaptcha with the manual approval of new commenters.

    For server-level protection, use cPGuard or Imunify360 with bot verification and disable access to proxy IPs.