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images not adding in wordpress article



I can not add images in my articles on my WordPress site,
when I open the article editor, I click on add a media, I select the image but nothing does not appear in the article's editing area. after this operation I notice in the console the following error: POST https://domain.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 403 (Forbidden)

I opened a ticket about it with my hosting provider but the support technician who was assigned to me did not understand my problem it led me to the actualization of permalinks which does not solve my problem.

then i turn to this forum hoping to have a real solution, doing a little research it was very much the answer to ask the provider to allow access to this file because it was blocked by the server.

I hope I have provided enough details to help you solve this problem.


this type of error can be related to the mod_security installed on your CPANEL. You will be able to disable it from CPANEL and the "mod_security" section will solve this type of error.
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  • The 403 forbidden error can happen on following conditions :-

    - Check if any .htaccess deny rule in your WordPress website folders or sub folders
    - Check if any mod_security rules triggering for for the url.
    - Cross check all file/folder permissions

    How ever you may need check on the web server logs to find what exactly blocking your request.