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Review Mediatemple customers migrated to Godaddy with extra charges



Godaddy, send me their first bill. It's $179 for one year. After contacting billing support, they said the MediaTemple hosting plans were migrated to Godaddy on their "Deluxe" hosting plan. That should be $9.99/per month or around $120 per year. I asked why I was charged $59 more, and their answer was:

"You have been charged for the hosting plan included with the migration fee as you have been moved to GoDaddy, so your plan was moved on the plan standard price, which is $167.88 [plus tax]."

Just the renewal amount for existing customers. It's too expensive; we're looking for a new hosting provider.
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  • Stay away from Godaddy. They will find something to sell or bill you for at any opportunity. Their hosting is overpriced and, IMO, just all-around crap. I moved to another provider and never looked back, except to occasionally deal with them for my clients.
    $179 for one year is daylight robbery. It would be nice to give a discount on the first invoice to warm you up to the change, but it's GoDaddy. What do you expect? They don't deserve your money.
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  • I have compared hosting prices, and the price for one year is quite high. Take a backup of your website. $179 USD per year for a website is too much if the income from that website is low, but it depends on what decision you make. We can only suggest.