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cPanel They're increasing the price again. Unbelievable.


Hi all,

cPanel Price Increases again the pricing structure effective on December 16, 2023. The following table outlines the full details of these changes:


Up to 100 Accounts: Each Account>100 Accounts: $0.39 ($0.40 from December 16, 2023) each.
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  • In the last five years, cPanel has gone from being an excellent tool to a partner that demands more and more updates and offers fewer improvements than the competition. Today, if you don't pay for several extras, you don't have external incremental backups or great support for modules and functions on the web server.

    A separate issue is that after many years of promises, they added Ubuntu 20.04 but never updated it again. A new Ubuntu LTS version will be released in a few months, but support for 22.04 has been promised and postponed indefinitely.
    I played with Webmin for a bit, and it has a few things I wish cPanel would do - especially with the glacial progress cPanel makes on new features, which makes that money hurt even more - but this is the panel I know and like best.

    But it sucks that I'm being screwed.
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