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Resell hosting that answer my needs

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Hi everyone

i've been browsing around for several weeks here, but just now registered...

i'm looking for a resell hosting that has these features:

must features:
1. branding option - unique nameservers, logo's, etc..
2. able to make coupons for my clients.
3. i want to give first domain 'free' to my customers, looking to integrate with a domain reseller such as ******** (whmcs does that i think), but the second, third or so domains will cost them.
4. the option to pay now but choose the free domain later. (or something like a gift card option, or any other way to purchase hosting for someone else)
5. taking care of billing issues (renewals mostly) of both hosting and domain.
6. have an affiliate program

nice to have features:
1. adding files to packages (so when users registers with a package, their account will have certain files)
2. ssl certificate. for my small biz owners who wants to sell things without taking their clients to paypal website. (not sure about that tho)
3. overselling? i havent decided yet about that one either...
4. affiliate clients can make custom names to existing coupons so if someone use their coupon (instead of aff link) they will get commission.
5. easy to use. or at least with good and quick support to build the system i want.

lets say the 25$/mo area.

ohh and disk space/bandwidth unlimited of course

sorry if i gave you headaches or if my english is abit poor (my parents' fault)

thats about it.. i think...

Thanks alot guys!
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  • hi,

    I would like to use reseller company with all this spec... and this price...
    I believe there is no company that meets all these requirements
    The reseller hosting measures are that the web hosting firm supports the domain registration and transfer, database support, e-commerce and additional services at an extra fee. With so numerous reseller platforms, it is important to choose one that has simplicity, great features and ease of use. You can examine for decent reseller hosting sites online using reliable search engines such as Google so you can get upright service in the end. Look out for the following:

    · Round the clock technical support

    · Own web hosting company possibilities

    · Modern hardware

    · Support members that are knowledgeable

    · High performance servers

    Reseller hosting packages can be actually supportive for any business person, particularly when they are getting it from trustworthy and reliable web hosting firms. Deliberate all your choices before selecting a provider and a package that will suit all your requirements.

    Canadian reseller hosting packages offer great advantages and you can get cloud server reseller offers to suit your goals. VPS reseller is also likely and all you have to do is make sure you are functioning with a good web host for to appreciate better services.
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  • instead of going for a reseller hosting, why not consider getting a vps and built your own reseller hosting with more control, since vps is getting cheaper now a day.
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