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Looking for a new Wordpress web-host


Hello, I'm new here.  American but based in Europe.  I'm NOT a techie, believe me!

I have a wordpress site which I originally created on wordpress.com .  It unexpectedly became crazy-popular all over the world, and after a couple years was getting millions of hits per year (anywhere between 2 million and 12 million, depending on which statistics program you looked at).

So 2-3 years ago, I moved it over to a hosting-service in India which was recommended by a techie-friend.  They migrated everything over for free, and were super-helpful and VERY competent. 

I've had problems with wannabe-hackers, and the hosting-service was great about helping me install the right security plugins.  They helped me put Adsense ads on the site.  They helped me put a Donations-button on the site.  They helped me customize the theme.  You get the idea.

Now, however, it appears that all their helpful and competent staff have left, and for some months I've been obliged to deal with people who literally seem to be mentally disabled.  They keep messing up the most basic tasks, and I just can't deal with this. 

So I'd like to find a better arrangement.  Can you make any recommendations, based on your experience?

Right now, I pay $39.95 per month (with a credit card, NOT through Paypal!).  I'll list what the package includes, although I don't even understand all of these things, and definitely don't use them all:
Unlimited sites; unmetered visits; 1X CPU priority; 40 GB SSD storage; 4 TB transfer; CDN ready; Letsencrypt Free SSL; Free email; Dedicated cloud.

Anything you can tell me will be appreciated, I am totally overwhelmed and I just CAN'T afford to mess this up and have the site offline, even for a day...  THANKS!!!
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