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Is shared hosting sufficient for GPS based applications



I am a newbie in android development. I want to make an android based application. applications that I make like a motorcycle, taxi online services. is shared hosting alone is enough for my project?

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  • For such applications you should prefer a cloud based platform , which will provide you high availability as well as cloud based platforms are easy to scale as per the usage
    You can do with shared hosting but your site can do better with cloud web hosting, with this you can meet many application requirements in your budget.
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  • Your only options would be VPS or Dedicated as Shared usually has load restrictions. You can always start off with a standard VPS and scale it when needed. Your goal should eventually be to get a dedicated server down the future.

    Do your research as VPS sometimes has CPU Load restrictions like for example.. AWS Lightsail Terms of Service state that if CPU load is 40% for a whole hour they will throttle your service.