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Help What is the best way to improve website response time?

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Are there any methods that are simple that can help me out in improving website response time ? We are starting and we do not want things to get slow, since speed is something we should put to the max at first and I wanted to fasten it as much as I can.
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  • Here is some tips to improve website response time:
    • Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom
    • Specify a character set in HTTP headers
    • Link to your stylesheets, don’t use @import
    • Minify your CSS and JS files
    • Reduce Your redirects
    • Fix all broken links
    • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    Hope this help.
    Hello! If you have your site up using Google Chrome, and right-click on the page, you'll see the "Inspect" option. If you click that, then click the "Network" Panel at the top of the Google Chrome DevTools, you can get information about how long each element on your site will take to load. You can use this to potentially figure out what is bogging down your site's response time.
    Minimize HTTP requests.
    Minify and combine files.
    Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files.
    Defer JavaScript loading.
    Minimize time to first byte.
    Reduce server response time.
    Choose the right hosting option for your needs.
    Run a compression audit.
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  • Website performance is as significant as having a website for companies nowadays. A slower loading website results in irritated visitors who may merely skip the site and may not return back. Therefore, the web server response time turn out to be one of the vital factors in describing the performance of your website, and thus, your business.

    There are numerous issues that may affect server response time. A web server is a difficult machine with numerous applications and high-end hardware works. A deficiency in the functioning of any of these properties will merely control the functioning of the web server and thereby, its response time. There can be outside factors too like power outage, DoS attacks, requests overload, bandwidth limitations or even natural calamities that can result in slower server response time.

    Though a well-resourced server can give your website a modest edge by allowing quick performance, it is tough to foresee whether your server will accomplish at its best constantly.
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