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Help Zoho vs Google vs Microsoft: which one is best for email service?



I've recently learned about Zoho, and I'm specifically looking at Zoho vs. Google vs Microsoft since they all offer similar business suite services. Still, email is the priority in this question.

I appreciate any help you can provide.
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  • Google is far better than Microsoft.

    Microsoft has terrible spam policies and will outright block legitimate emails it thinks are spam. I have had legitimate business inquiries that did not even reach my spam folder because Microsoft thought it was spam. I have had billing reminders from legitimate vendors not reach my inbox because Microsoft thought it was spam, leading to the vendor canceling my account for non-payment (my card had expired, and I forgot). To reiterate - the emails they block don't even reach your spam. And Google Suite has better features overall.

    I have never used Zoho, so I can't comment.
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