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Technical Questions Contact form email issues


Hi all,

I'm trying to resolve an email issue. Currently, I have a website hosted on GoDaddy, and the contact form for the website is putting the submission into the cPanel email [email protected]. Instead, It should go to the identical [email protected] in the Office 365 setup. I have access to the registrar for that domain, and the MX records are correctly set up for Office 365, and any other emails to [email protected] perfectly go to the Office 365 mailbox.

I've looked at the Zone Editor, and it has an MX record "clientdomain.com. Destination: clientdomain.com". I've tried to edit or delete this record and get an error pop-up: "The DNS zone file is invalid. (Line 10: NS record appears to be an address)."

I don't see any NS records here. The nameserver for the domain is under a separate GoDaddy account. I've tried deleting the [email protected] email from cPanel, but even after letting it sit, it didn't redirect automatically (advice from GoDaddy support).

I don't know enough about cPanel to know where to go from here.
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  • In cPanel, the MX record must match what the registrar has for the MX record.

    Then go to eMail Routing and make sure it says that the cPanel host is using an external mail handler.

    That should fix it.
    I was unaware of the Email Routing settings, and support had me change it to Remote Mail Exchanger, which worked. I'm a big dumb and did not even know that was an option.

    Thanks again for the help; going through things with you made it easier to convey my issue to the support guy so he knew what was wrong.
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