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Our web store loading speed is plodding. We use WP Rocket, so anything static is cached and loads instantly. But anything dynamic takes 5 seconds, sometimes more, be it searches, add to cart, or checkout (more than 10 seconds, as it seems to load twice).

I've posted this issue on WordPress, and they recommended changing hosts. We use the Woocommerce plugin and shared hosting but plan to move away due to the low speed.

What would you recommend as a host?

Thank you!
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  • The slowness may be related to something running on your store, e.g., perhaps a specific plugin is doing something that is taking too long to process. I've had a few stores I host exhibit some of this behavior, a particular plugin taking too long to run, and I had to switch to something else.

    I recommend you go with a managed VPS plan (e.g., one that includes a control panel) or try to find a managed Woocommerce hosting provider, which may help you with server-related and Wordpress-related issues.
    Exactly, this is what's bothering me: add to cart takes 5 seconds to display the cart on the side, and the purchase button takes twice the amount to get to the checkout page, so I figured I'd Backup the website and proceed to rebuild it and note the speed step by step so I can figure out precisely what's wrong.

    Thank you very much for your insight. I'll consider the managed Woocommerce Hosting option you mentioned.
    I don't think there's a need to rebuild the whole site, but you can try the advice of turning off specific plugins and testing the performance.

    Taking that long to process a request may be caused by a plugin but also a lousy server, so getting a new one is preferred to at least eliminate this as a source of problems.
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