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Help Is it possible to proxy my emails through Cloudflare?


Hi all,

I want to host my email server. I could install Mailcow and forward all my ports through my ISP Dynamic-DNS service. But this causes a few issues.

The primary issue is that when I send an email to an Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo address, I get a message telling me that my IP is in the Spamhous email blocklist database. And sure enough, on the Spamhous site, my IP is noted as in the "Policy Blocklist (PBL)," a list of residential IPs that should not send emails.

I use Cloudflare to manage my domain and DNS records for my website. Could there be a way for me to proxy all my outgoing emails through Cloudflare so they would use a different IP?

I appreciate any help you can provide.
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  • Cloudflare does not provide SMTP services, so that's not possible. Hosting your email server is acceptable as a hobby, but it's a losing battle if you want to go live. There are plenty of budget-friendly email services out there. Purelymail and Mxroute have generous plans costing $10 a year. More prominent providers are also not expensive, usually $5 a month.
    I use SpamHero for both incoming and outgoing mail (SMTP proxy). They allow unlimited email addresses on each domain. I self-host all my email servers. They are just a passthrough. Works great. You should also set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
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  • With Cloudflare, you can only forward incoming emails using email routing. I think you can use "Gmail business" to send emails but proxy will not be possible.