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Help Getting malware attack on bluehost web hosting



At bluehost i found out that I am not able to log into any of my wordpress website as I get a 403 error. Bluehost support, tell me a plugin caused the virus attack and has infected 18,000 files, and I Either buy the super expensive site lock for each of my websites or I manually delete 18,000 files with the risk of my sites going down as well. how can I could resolve the issue and the malware attack started or any good alternatives of bluehost as I'm surely not going to stay here after this, or is there any hosting I shift into that would remove this malware for me.
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  • WordPress is always popular among users and hackers. It would help if you took proper security for your websites.

    Blue is not a good option for hosting, and they are part of EIG providers. Please ask their support to restore your old backup before your site gets infected.
    Well that's a bit of a joke. I'd either ask them to restore from a backup if that's possible. If not, can you move to a different host? We do this sort of thing for free and just finished clearing up a client's site today after theirs got infected due to having lots of out-of-date plugins.

    After running some scripts to clean the infected files, delete them, overwrite some WP and theme files, they are now all back to normal.

    I hate hosts that try to make money off of the back of things like this - they should be trying to help, not upsell!
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  • Do you have any backups you can restore from? That's really going to be the only way. And if there is a good backup, you'll want to immediately update any themes and plugins and keep them updated.