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Can i host eCommerce website on shared hosting?



I am going to start a eCommerce business, I find many people say shared hosting is good and economical, but I'm wondering if it is enough for a ecommerce site? 

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  • It is not recommended to host any eCommerce website in shared hosting. If you expand your store in future, you will have to migrate your store in either VPS or to dedicated server. Hence, it is recommended to Host eCommerce store right away in isolated environment like VPS or dedicated server.
    We would recommend going with an eCommerce Hosting plan, as these kinds of hosting services are specifically designed to ensure your customers have a smooth shopping experience on your eCommerce site. eCommerce Hosting can also be helpful for security purposes.
    Yes, you can host the eCommerce website on Shared Hosting. It is very cheap and preferred by those who have small businesses.
    But whichever hosting plan you select, please make sure that the plan also has an SSL certificate for your site, it is a crucial requirement for an eCommerce site.
    Ofcourse you can host an eCommerce website on shared hosting as long as its in start up phase , once your website started getting high visitors and high resources usages you will have to upgrade to either VPS hosting or may cloud hosting
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  • Yes, shared hosting is the best option for your eCommerce site only when if you have just started your website. At the start of the website you can have surely low traffic then at that time you can prefer shred hosting.